You know when you can’t wait for summer during near the end of winter, and can’t wait for winter near the end of summer? Maybe it’s just me but the seasons are too damn long. I’m noticing that I’m using the colour blue a lot in illustrations I make now. I’m not sure if that says anything about me but who knows, maybe I just like blue right now.

Lately I’ve also been doing illustrations without doing any rough sketches first, it’s not the best way to get what I’ve got in my head on to digital paper. But I think it’s good exercise in using the pen and shape tools for more creative purposes than just recreating something that already exists on paper.

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Lost sailor


Update time. I’ve spent the entire summer doing a graphics internship in which I probably can’t care to share online without client permission.  It was pretty near full time and each day left me coming home pretty damn exhausted, too exhausted to be awake long enough to illustrate things I like. Inspiration during that time was lacking a lot as well. but any-who.

I pretty had nothing to do on my last day of my internship, so I spent most of that day coming up with a brand identity for myself that I can actually be satisfied with (still ongoing) And one of the ideas that popped up was a star guiding a lost sailor to their destination. I already have a cheesy tagline to describe myself written down.

And then I figured that would look pretty damn good as an illustration on its own so I made it.

It was pretty simple to make. Just used some rough pen tool and a scatter brush to make the main parts. I also recently discovered my new favourite resource for texture patterns ( and utilized those and will utilize those as often as I can now. 

Took me about 3 hours on and off to finish this one, a bit quick. But sometimes I feel the less time you spend on a drawing can make it look better than if you spend days adjusting things pixel by pixel. Sometime imperfections are what makes something special. 

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I was wandering about my parents house and I found an old folder filled with a bunch of work I did in high school before I ever started using illustrator or photoshop to make anything. This particular drawing was made with scratch board, and peeling away the black layer using a razor blade verrrry carefully. I think this was from grade 10 so its pretty old by now, but still looks pretty good.



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Quick doodle

illustration exercise-01

Been some time since I posted to here, it is not unknown for me to just forget to do certain things for long periods of time. but heres me trying to fix that. Above is a quick illustration excercise. More things will follow.


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Something Different

Been quite a while since I posted here, lots of things been happening (x-mas). But I did manage to make this little thing during my break. It was done quite awhile ago, but whenever I thought of posting this it was like 11:00 at night and too late for most people to see.


I tried to make this somewhat different from my normal drawing style, during a portfolio presentation a guy in my class showed a logo he made with an origami crane involved in the design and was inspired by that when I made this. So yeah not gonna write too much about this because I personally hate talking about myself.

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Package Design



Sorry, I haven’t posted on here in a awhile but I did state I probably wouldn’t be able to due to the amount of school work. But now that is over for awhile! 

This is my final assignment for my packaging class. Redesigning two cleaning products. So yeah…

Band Poster

I finally finished making a poster for a gig on new years eve, if anyone reading this recalls, I posted a work in progress of this poster a few weeks ago. So here’s the finished product.

The first one is just for myself, in terms of font choice, and the second one is for actually being used at the bar so people can read it easier.




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Made a nifty little calendar for an exercise last year, thought it’d be worth sharing.

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Getting Hectic

Well, I’ve been posting on here less frequently lately, mostly as my third semester of my program is close to being over. So many final assignments have been piling up.
I will try to post every day, but if I can’t, I have an excuse laid out.
Here is a bunch of art I made mounted on foam core for a work in progress show.


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Global Communications Graphic


This was the very first assignment I had to do during my graphic design course last year. So my knowledge of Illustrator was very limited and I rarely used it beforehand. The image depicts global communications bringing the world together, and those connections pulling the worlds continents together.

To compensate for my lack of knowledge I thought I’d make this as detailed as possible without being complicated. I had fun using gradients to try to make it look as realistic as I could. The whole atmosphere of the earth is made of one circle with ten different layers of colour mixed together. As a little thing to satisfy my love of space, I added the planet venus in the distance near the sun.

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